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Quotes These soaps from scratch are such wonderful soaps! Generous bars with the best fragrance ever! The shopowner is a pleasure to do business with, & I received my order super fast. Wonderful shop!!! Quotes
Comment on Soaps From Scratch

Quotes My grandson just loves his little frog! And Grandma loves the way it smells! Fun stuff for sure. I can not say enough great things about this vendor ... but I'll list a few ... GREAT communication, great packaging, fast shipping, great product, FANTASTIC customer service! To sum it all up ... the PERFECT transaction : ) I'll be back without a doubt!!! Quotes
Maryland Customer

Quotes I loved working with SoapArt! Great customer service and great product. The lip balms smell so good! Quotes
SoapArt Customer

Quotes SoapArt products are such great sellers and fit into the theme of my art/craft/gift shop beautifully. They are attractive, high quality, thoughtfully made, reasonably priced products that customers love to give as gifts and buy to use regularly themselves. Since I personally use the products, I can honestly attest to all their attributes. They also make the shop smell oh-so-good, which is usually the first comment customers make when visiting the shop! Jean, SoapArt's owner and creator, is very responsive to requests and both she and her products are consistently reliable. She is great to do business with. I love how she is always coming up with new ideas, keeping things fresh. Thanks, SoapArt, for keeping my customers happy! Quotes
owner, my little studio, Stevensville, Maryland

Quotes As posted on www.fourlittlemonsters.com: Jean's soap are so creative and when I first showed the Shark Squirt Soap (Squirt Toy shark inside soap) to my monsters, two of the four squealed while everyone tried to grab it. It's just too fun! Our Shark Squirt Soap arrived in plastic wrap and was in perfect condition when it arrived. Jean of SoapArt told me to be on the lookout, as the heat we've been experiencing lately isn't friendly to a soap that sits in a mailbox for hours. It's super shiny and the shark toy sits half in and half out of the "water" - the main portion of the soap is a see-through green/blue so you can see the under half of the shark inside. My favorite part is the extra touch of the white shavings that sit around the shark, like foam or waves. So simple, so creative and so cool. Did I mention it smells great? Quotes
Four Little Monsters Mommy Blog Author

Quotes My Mom and I and even my husband have been using the delightful soaps and foot lotion bars from SoapArt for years. Not only are these items imaginative, fun and elegant in their designs but they incorporate wonderfully creative and fresh aromas that even guys like. We have not found any other similar products on the market that are as clever nor provide the moisturizers and softeners these products deliver. They work great for the very dry Colorado climate. We also discovered what great, memorable gifts they make. So nice to find products that live up to their promises. Quotes
Debbie Madden
Loyal Customer in Colorado

Quotes I have had trouble with dry skin my entire life, and have used gallons of skin lotion, most of it very high quality and expensive. Since using SoapArt soaps made from scratch, my lotion consumption is half what it was in the winter, and almost nil in the summer. I love the soft fragrances of the soaps, too. They are not cloying, but very light and natural. Also, the bars last much longer than any soaps you can buy at the store. Quotes

Quotes I have enjoyed personal use of the Soap Art products, as well as selling them in my salon. The lotion bars were a new concept to me, but I quickly discovered quality and effectiveness. Dry, cracked cuticles improve quickly and dramatically after just a few days of use. I have learned this both on myself, and from my customers who also have jobs that expose their hands to drying elements, Many nice fragrances are available and the scents are natural, not artificial smelling. Oh, and the Don't Bug Me anti-bug lotiona bar DOES work! : D The nice little tin make them portable, and convenient to throw in a bag or pocket. The soaps are rich lathering, with a creamy texture. The moisturizing is as good or better as many body washes available in the salon industry. This also applies to the lotion bar quality as compared to many professional quality lotions out there. Very high quality natural ingredients, all great products, and all at reasonable prices. Quotes
cosmetologist and satisfied customer

Quotes I know, first hand, how wonderful these items are! Have tried almost all products. A terrific selection and the fragrances are so true to their name! Have never been unhappy with a product. Quotes
Very happy customer!

Quotes The other day I ran out of the SoapArt soap I was using and had to substitute a different good quality brand that we had on hand. What an immediately noticeable difference. The other brand didn't create nearly the same showering experience. It made my skin feel tight and itchy. I got some more SoapArt bars and chucked the substitute. Moral of the story.....never run out of SoapArt soap. All of your products are so nicely done and have exceeded my expectations. I love the personalities of your whimsical soaps - an added bonus. Quotes