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Sachet Scent Sacks Fragrance Beads in Organza Bag


SoapArt Scent Sacks are fragranced as heavily as possible. I put in as much fragrance as the beads will absorb, leaving the beads highly scented without being oily.

These scent sacks can be used in so many ways. My favorite use is to keep them in my garbage cans and trash cans to ward off odor. I have been using two of them in this way for over 5 years each without needing to refresh them! The third one had to be replaced after 3 years. Length of use may between batches and fragrances.


Here's one customer's thoughts on the scent sacks:

Testimonial from Theresa, Louisville, KY

I have purchased quite a few of this seller's scent bags and love them all! They always arrive quickly, packaged well and she always includes extra samples!! These scent bags are wonderful! Each has a good, strong scent, that lasts!!! I have also purchased her tart melts and those are also great quality!! I highly recommend this seller and her products. She communicates well and has great customer service! You won't be disappointed when you purchase from her!!

Each little organza bag contains an ounce of highly scented, long lasting fragrance beads.

These can be used anywhere that odors lurk.

Here are some of my favorite uses:

**** In the vacuum. I put it in the vacuum bag. However, I have not tried these in a Dyson. Please check your vacuum's owner's manual before using to make sure they are safe for your vacuum. I reuse them by transferring them from the old bag to the new. It’s a little messy, but well worth it to save the long lasting scent sack.

**** In stinky sneakers. Place a bag in each shoe to ward off undesirable odors.

**** In drawers to give clothes a fresh scent. Be sure to place sack in a glass dish to keep

fragrance oil from seeping onto clothing. It's unlikely, but possible.

**** In closets to keep the whole closet smelling fresh.

**** In the laundry area.

**** In or near the diaper pail.

**** As a car freshener. One caution if you do that - on hot days it's best to put them in the shade so the fragrance oil doesn't seep out and to keep the beads from melting.

These scent sacks are made to order, so please allow four days for them to be made. This time is needed for the fragrance to fully soak into the beads. Orders should arrive about a week from the date of purchase.

You can choose a scent from the drop down menu. If what you want isn' there, please choose "other" and tell me in the comments section of the checkout what fragrance you would like.

These three fragrances contain an additive that helps with neutralizing offensive odors.

They are suggested if you’d like Super Strong Odor Fighting Power.

- Seaside Cotton

- Country Clothesline

- Island Breeze

Other Popular Fragrances:

- Apple Cider

- Aqua Spa

- Baby Powder

- Coastal Rain

- First Rain

- Fresh Cut Grass

- Ginger Ale

- Lavender

- Lavender Chamomile Baby

- Lavender Green Tea

- Lemon Verbena

- Mango Papaya

- Ocean Rain

- Ocean Shore

- Pomegranate

- Pure Rain

- Stormy Skies

- Sun Dried Cotton

- Vanilla

- Yuzu

To see additional available fragrances and descriptions of them, please visit http://www.soapartonline.com/fragrancede scriptions.htm

This listing is for one sack for just $3.50. Want more? Let me know. I can have them ready for you in a jiffy.

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